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Shoe Collection Drive

Shoe Collection Drive

Love Me Furever is conducting a shoe collection drive to raise funds for our rescue dogs. We will earn funds based on the number of pairs collected, and will purchase all of the donated goods. Those dollars will directly benefit the needs of our dogs in rescue. All donated shoes will then be redistributed […]

It’s Been a Busy Month for Adop...

It’s Been a Busy Month for Adoptions!

July 10th, 2015 CHEERIO ~ So happy for Cheerio. Everything went great and he’s been adopted. The first two weeks are always “trial periods”, but we really believe this is his Furever!   July 13th, 2015 BABY ~ Baby’s meet and greet was a success!  She ended up staying for a trial adoption.  As long as […]

After 800 Days in Rescue, Moose is Ho...

After 800 Days in Rescue, Moose is Home!

Moose had an amazing meet and greet today! He started giving kisses right when we arrived. It quickly turned into an ADOPTION!!! Moose now has his very own home!!! He has an amazing mom and 3-4 legged siblings. He was introduced to each individually and the. We slowly added them all together. I was concerned […]

Special Alice Gets XL Kennel

Alice the pitbull dog mix available for adoption in Louisiana

Alice’s pen was the first to have new pea gravel!!!!  Alice seems to love to be in here, in her new nice and MUD FREE 10×20 kennel. I think she wants Emily included! Because Alice is what we consider a “lifer” (prob will never be adopted) she will have a large pen too with all her […]

Donations are at an All-Time Low

Love Me Furever Dog Rescue in Louisiana

Donations are at an all time low. Making the payment on the rescue building is getting harder and harder each month. This building is essential to the rescue in many ways. It is for housing sick dogs,pregnant dogs, Parvo pups, dogs going thru heartworm treatments, and is also a place to keep the rescue dogs safe […]

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Nothing like coming inside to a special treat right before midday nap time. 🐾 Thanks to all of you who donate treats to make the rescues so happy. ... See MoreSee Less

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As most of you know, Moxie came to me completely feral. She's the worst case I've ever seen. This month marks a year that she's been with me. There were times I gave up on the thought of her ever getting used to me. I knew she felt safe with me, but she didn't want anything to do with me. Although she has come such a long way, human touch is still VERY HARD for her. She won't allow it unless cornered in her crate. Every night I sit with her at bedtime and pet her for about 10-15 min. She used to shake uncontrollably and drool in fear during our petting sessions. She would duck her head in fear and not make eye contact. It was heartbreaking. Then things got a little better. The drooling stopped over time as did the uncontrollable shaking. Then, she'd stop ducking her head in fear. Still, it was obvious she's never been comfortable with the petting sessions. She would tolerate them, but I could tell she was ready for the session to just be over with. Tonight was the first night she ever felt comfortable enough to lay down and relax as I pet her. She even closed her eyes towards the end. This has NEVER happened in the year she's been here. The petting sessions got easier on her, but she always kept her guard up. But tonight was different. I won't say she enjoyed the petting session, but she didn't seem to mind it!!!!! Although it seems like such a small break through, this is a MASSIVE step for Moxie. She's far from cuddling in my lap or running up to me for affection, but it's a great sign that one day, she will. I love this girl so much. I will give her as long as it takes. I don't see her ever being adoptable, as new people terrify her. But I do see a happy future for her here if that's what it comes too. She's very confident and happy here. She has the routine down pat and is thriving as a playful, curious, and energetic dog. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

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The thermacells have been working great in the dog kennels for mosquito control!!! I have 2 hung per 10x20 kennel. I turn them on for 1-2 hrs in the evenings around the time the mosquitos start getting bad. This allows the rescue dogs to be able to stay outside and play during the cooler evening time without being swarmed and repeatedly bitten by mosquitos. Thank you so much to everyone who donated some!! Also thank you to Jennifer McCarron for contacting the Thermacell company. They donated several along with replacement cartridges. This has truly made a huge difference!! Mosquitos have a tendency to congregate in the igloos by the 100's!!!! Then, when the dogs try to go lay in them, they get ambushed. The thermacells prevent this from happening. The dogs are truly enjoying being able to hang out and play in the evenings now!!!! If you look closely, you can see the thermacells hanging from the kennel roofs. They are protected from getting wet like this as well. They hang low enough for me to have easy access to turn them on/off and change out cartridges, but not low enough for the dogs to grab. Thank you again so much to all who donated!!!!! And big THANK YOU to Kyle at Thermacell Outdoors FB page for donating the products!! Please stop by their page and give them a like and let them know you, as Love Me Furever supporters, appreciate their generosity!! 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 ... See MoreSee Less

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