The Benefits of Fostering a Dog


Dogs are more comfortable in a home than in kennels.  At home you can build up their confidence and get them accustomed to a normal home life – and give them a history.

Save Rescue Resources

You will be helping our rescue save money on kenneling, but more importantly, freeing up a place for our rescue to help another dog who  may be in worse need than your foster.

Help a Dog Get Adopted

A dog’s character, strengths, fears, suitability for living with children, cats and other dogs are more easily accessed in a foster home.  A dog with a “background” is more easily matched to a perfect Furever home.

Short-Term Ownership

Fostering can be a great way to have the benefit of a companion dog for people whose circumstances do not allow permanent ownership.  Plus…if you are thinking about having a dog, it’s a great way to to find out if you want to take on the responsibility of a dog permanently.



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