Special Alice Gets XL Kennel

Alice the dog for adoption in her new kennel in LouisianaAlice’s pen was the first to have new pea gravel!!!!  Alice seems to love to be in here, in her new nice and MUD FREE 10×20 kennel. I think she wants Emily included! Because Alice is what we consider a “lifer” (prob will never be adopted) she will have a large pen too with all her own personal belongings to play with during the day. Although a good size, the standard 10×10 kennel was just not big enough for this angel to play with all her toys, which she loves! Thank you to everyone who has help make the expansion of kennels, adding pea gravel, sunscreens, roofs, stepping stones, plants etc all possible!!!! Couldn’t do it without yall.

Click here if you would like to learn more about adopting sweet Alice!

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